The process of ECU Tuning in Singapore

If you want to get an ECU Tuning in Singapore, you should first learn all about what it is and how it is done and this impacts your car.

Many clients do not typically understand what to expect when it comes to ECU Tuning in Singapore and in the rest of the world. This is a relatively new modification, but it works on the same principle it worked even 40-50 years ago. But instead of knowing which screws to tighten or loosen, the person who performs this kind of process must now know a thing of two about integrated circuits.

ECU Tuning In Singapore is also known as “Car Tuning”, and is the flashing or remapping,  or the process of alternating or modifying the ECU Chip of a car. This chip is related to the injection system and its job is to regulate the intake of fuel and air in the pistons of the car. Every car has a preset percentage of fuel and air in this mixture, but modifying it into a more concentrated mixture will make a car run faster.

Besides the fuel injection, the ECU Chip also regulates and controls many other systems which are crucial for both the performance of your car and for the safety level it offers. Depending on the model of your automobile, the ECU Chip can control the automatic transmission, ignition and timing systems, the stabilization system and also the valve support, which is another system that can be modified to help your car increase its horse power and performance.

A service of ECU Tuning in Singapore can be done in 2 to 8 hours, but since this chip is controlling so many things in your car, you should be careful with it. A poor job in a low class tuning workshop can mess things up and you can put your life at risk if this process isn’t done by a professional who know 100% what he’s doing. Not to be rude or discriminating, but it’s better to choose a younger mechanic for this process, because they have a better understanding of the whole concept.

For the types of potential gains, ECU Tuning in Singapore is more affordable that most parts of the world. You can get the same top quality services for a fraction of the price you would pay in a country from the west.

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