The Scene of Audi Car Tuning in Singapore

The scene of Audi car tuning in Singapore is just as developed and professional as in any other country of the world, with tuning culture and a large community of car enthusiasts. When it comes to Audi, everything can be tuned. From small engine cars like the A2 family to large engine models, such as the S and the RS models. Executive models like the A6 and the A8 can also be modified and tuned up to look out of the ordinary and simply jaw-dropping. Follow our article and you will gain some general knowledge when it comes to Audi car tuning in Singapore, knowledge which will help you understand the negotiations and the talks with the mechanics you hire for your project.

When it comes to which models and which engines are the best options for a tuning project, the Turbocharged, Turbo and even the Quattro models are some of the best candidates. Besides the facts that these are models can be easily enhanced and that the ECU remapping can be done safely on them, the changeable parts are very popular, accessible and affordable.

But after all, the Audi cars are well built, with powerful engines and great looks, so you have a great base to start your tuning project on. The car shops who are familiar with Audi car tuning in Singapore will be able to offer you exclusive and original parts for the Audi models, because many of them are in some sorts of partnerships with the German car manufacturer, who offers guidelines and even training on how to deal with their cars to all interested mechanics, engineers and technicians.

The performance of an Audi model can be increased over the limits. In fact, when it comes to engine tuning, Audi has the models with the most tunable engines out there. I am talking about the family car models of A3 and A4, but also about the sports models, like the S3 and the TT. These models come equipped with an 1700+ ccm (usually 1781 ccm) engines in 4 cylinders versions with 20 valves in total, each cylinder having 2 outtake valves and 3 intake valves. The secret of this engine lays in the configuration of the intake valves, which are noticeable smaller than the exhaust ones.

As I said, these engines are already efficient, but if you take your car to a shop that deals with Audi car tuning in Singapore, you can expect a power increase of 40 to 50 bhp. If you add a custom cooling system to your car, get a new gearbox tuning kit and replace the standard exhaust system with a sport/tuning one, you are looking at a possible outcome of 330 to 350 bhp.

We will talk more about the scene of the Audi car tuning in Singapore, since this is a very popular brand and it makes such a great base for a tuning project. Stay close for more in depth info on the best ECU tuning methods for Audi cars available in Singapore.

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