Car Tuning in Singapore has become popular in recent years, especially with the rising prices of COEs. With the prices of COEs unlikely to go down in the foreseeable future, it makes sense to maximise what your car can do.

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What happens when one sends his car for tuning, and what  is ECU Remapping?

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2012_Fiat_Bravo_Sporting_001_0566Car Tuning in Singapore or Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Tuning has gained popularity in recent years.

While we see many more luxury brand makes on the Singapore roads, the reality of the matter is that there is a need to balance such aspirations with the practicality of such an investment.

Car Tuning in Singapore is an affordable solution to achieving this balance.



  • The recent changes in the computation of Car Taxes and Certificates-of-Entitlement (COEs) categorisation has caused the prices of cars to rise substantially, especially of the luxury car segment. Through car tuning in Singapore, one is able to improve performance, with the accompanying prohibitive costs!
  • In addition, the supply of COEs is not expected to rise so substantially as to bring down the COE prices.
  • Acquisition, financing and maintenance costs are high as it is! Does it not make sense to make the best of your ride and enjoy the experience from the first days?
  • There is no risk to the warranty of your car even if it is brand new! All it takes is to re-flash the ECU back to stock settings if you need to send the car in for servicing. Re-establish your custom settings post-servicing. No fuss! No worries!

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